Ebook Writing Hacks for a Quick First Draft with Amanda Vogel (Fitness Marketing TV #4)

Ebook Writing Hacks For A Quick First Draft With Amanda Vogel | Fitness Marketing Foundry TV #4

Welcome to episode #4 of Fitness Marketing Foundry TV!

We are continuing our interview series “How to Write Your First Ebook” with the best fitness and health writers in the industry. My hope is that these writing tips will help you publish your first ebook this year.

Becoming an ebook author is a great way for you as a trainer, coach or wellness professional to elevate your authority and share insights with your clients.

As a result of writing an ebook, you can drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads and even add a few Benjamins to the bank account.


In episode #3 you discovered the 3 Biggest Mistakes New Writers Make (and how to avoid them).

Today you’ll learn 5 ebook writing hacks that will make your first draft easy, breezy.

I had the privilege to interview fitness pro, presenter and health writer Amanda Vogel.

(You can read more about this awesome lady below the video).

After listening to Amanda’s writing tips, your ebook first draft will be less daunting…and might I say…enjoyable!

The biggest takeaway from Amanda’s writing wisdom is this episode’s tweetable quote:

'Your ebook first draft doesn't have to be even close to perfect.' ~ @amandavogel via http://fmfoundry.com/show4 Click To Tweet

Are you an aspiring fitness or health writer?  Share with us your best writing hacks in the comments below!

Jill Tomich

In this video you’ll learn:

  1. Why your book idea might not really be a book
  2. Why trainers and coaches can get caught up in the early stages of writing an ebook
  3. How to bust through writer’s block and carve out a first outline
  4. How much information is required before you can move from a first draft to the full book
  5. Why perfection isn’t necessary

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Amanda Vogel Fitness Writer & Social Media Consultant

About Amanda Vogel

Amanda is a social media consultant, health & fitness writer and presenter at fitness conferences in the United States and Canada.

You can view many of Amanda’s fitness and health articles published in major magazines like SELF, Prevention, Cooking Light and many others.

Amanda is a treasure-trove of writing knowledge.

If you want to boost your credibility as a health or fitness pro by writing an ebook or articles for magazines, she has created an awesome resource for you…

Anatomy of an Article will show you how to turn your health and fitness know-how into attention-getting articles (similar principles apply to ebooks).

It’s an invaluable writing resource guide that will guide your writing process from start to finish!  Check it out here.

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