Fitness Marketing Foundry can act as your part-time marketing department

Attract More Clients & Generate Better Leads

Are you struggling to grow your business?  Do you find yourself stuck in the day-to-day tasks with no time to focus on marketing (the very tool that drives new customers and increases customer loyalty)?

Fitness Marketing Foundry can help you attract more clients and generate better leads.  As your Marketing Consultant we create, implement and track your marketing campaigns every month.  As former entrepreneurs our self, we keep a keen focus on the business goals, budget, analytics and reports  to keep you on-track to a healthier, stronger business year over year.

We even have a world-class team of content writers, social media experts, graphic designers and digital marketing specialists in-house ready to help you boost your business.  No need to search for or manage a dozen different consultants!

If your business is currently generating at least $300,000 in annual revenue, and you’re ready to commit to at least 3 months of consistently better leads let’s chat about how Fitness Marketing Foundry can help accelerate your growth.


Jill Tomich

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Traditional Marketing

Smart business owners know that a combination of both online and offline marketing efforts are best to maximize leads and sales.  From postcards to pop-up events traditional marketing can be an effective part of your marketing strategy.

Online Marketing

If you haven’t already built a web site, you should. However there are tactics that you can implement RIGHT NOW to take advantage of online marketing without actually building a web site.

Social Media Marketing

Used as a tool to reinforce your brand, social media is a free way to build your business. The key is developing the right mix of messages, content and sales tactics to monetize your followers.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is arguably the most powerful kind of marketing there is, yet many business owners don’t optimize their marketing funnels for it. We can show you how.

Web Site Marketing

A mobile-friendly web site rich in keywords, targeted landing pages and payment portal is any business owner’s best ally when it comes to increasing market share and revenue.

Content Marketing

Videos, podcasts, webinars and blogs are invaluable tools to spread your message to a wider audience.  While it might be scary “putting yourself out there” to create content, it can be one of the lowest cost, yet most effective forms of marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, when optimized for mobile devices, can be one of the best marketing strategies you can implement.  Like social media marketing, it’s all about balancing your messaging, content and sales offers.

Customer Service Marketing

While you might not think of customer service as a marketing opportunity, it is…and a BIG one! We can show you ways to build trust and gain more happy clients.

Client Loyalty Marketing

80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. Your competitors are doing everything they can to steal your clients away. We can help you develop a customer loyalty program so they stick around.